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George Leger III, the man behind Utopia Parkway Music, has been involved in the recording industry since 1983. He understands what it's like to be a songwriting musician because he is one too. And he understands the special needs of musicians working with computers because he has had plenty of experience helping people out with their digital jams.

George is also an arranger, producer, author, tutor, beta tester, mix engineer, mastering engineer, and recipient of a Juno award—Canada's version of the Grammy. Check out a sample list of services to see how he can help you.

Listen to / download George's most recent New Age/Ambient album, Open Spaces. Copyright © 2007 Utopia Parkway Music. All rights reserved. Please contact George for permission to use his music. Enjoy!

Logic Audio 6 Tutorial

George authored the Emagic Logic Audio 6 Tutorial for Virtual Training Company. It covers installation and setup, recording audio, MIDI, virtual instruments, 3rd party plug-ins as well as applications that increase the power of the Emagic sequencing platform. See the Logic Tutorial page for further info.

Also check out George on MySpace, Twitter, and his other website: George Tech Guru.

Click here to donate to George's Recovery Fund


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